Recognizing our ancestors in us helps us accept and be content with who we become.

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I have a story that sits inside. It’s about me. My mother. Her mother. And her mother. Back through the many years. I didn’t know them past my great-grandmother who I was terrified of as a small child. She just sat in her chair mumbling and drooling. Occasionally she’d reach out a hand to me staring at me with foggy, wet eyes. I’d run to my mother hiding my face in her lap. The family would all laugh and my mother would reassure me that…

Embracing and accepting the feelings that hold you back is freedom.

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He sits in front of his computer screen. The opportunity he’d been dreaming of had been offered to him. His email response accepting it was ready to go. All he had to do was click the send button. The cursor hovered above it. His heart was racing. Sweat prickled out on his forehead, trickled down his back. His hand trembled. He released the mouse and pushed back from the desk. Opportunity lost.

Uncertainty. Fear.

Two words that send shivers down spines and widen eyes. We don’t like those words…

The hours of the night can be times of distress and despair or strength and hope.

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It is nighttime.

I am seven years old.

Lying quietly in my bed, I watch the dancing shadows of the trees across my wall and on the ceiling. I imagine them singing and laughing. A dark shape in the top of my closet draws my eyes. The gaping mouth of a monster. A shiver of fear annoys me. I know it’s just my dad’s trombone mute, yet it’s still scary. From the living room, I hear the muted voices of my parents as they…

The memories of a cold night long ago can still warm a heart and bring a smile.

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Digging through a box she came across a small school picture. Smiling, she turned over the picture and read the back. “Never forget that night. Love, …” She closed her eyes and the memory was there as if decades of time and thousands of miles had never happened.

Snow crunches sharp and fierce under boots.

Cold bites at cheeks and fingertips.

Toes ache to be warm.

Talk and laughter drift up to wreathe around the full moon.

Shadows lie silent and black sending…

You’ve tried the rest, now give this method a try. It works wonders for our family.

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The clocks have gone back. The days are shorter and the nights longer. Cold winds sweep the land making us hunch up into coat collars. Snow piles up and backs ache from shoveling it. Shoulders and necks are tense and strained from white-knuckle driving on icy roads. At the end of the day, we want to relax, unwind, feel safe, but mostly we just want to be warm and cozy. Keep reading and learn the most effective way to achieve all of these.

The House is Cold.

When I come home at the end of my day the house is still and cold. The…

A poem of rapid visual travel.

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The deeper I look the bluer it becomes.

My eyes reach ever further.

Imagination takes over. Past the blue is black.

Pierced all over like the metal sieve in the cupboard are twinkling dots of light.

Those dots grow bigger.

Writhing balls of fiercest heat and power.

Each one in its place. Never out of place.

A piercing whistle.

My eyes dart.

A hawk finds its meal and plummets to the earth.

Poor wee creature.

The hawk is beautiful in its climb back into the blue.

A panting sound draws my eyes down.


Why I give claps and what they mean for you and me.

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With the newest tweaking of Medium, claps seem to be the biggest topic. After the last tweak of Medium when claps were no longer the barometer of pay, claps seemed to became nothing more than good manners as in “Show some manners, clap for the writer.”

But here we are again, another tweak by Medium and writers scrambling to figure out what it all means, especially the claps. I’ve been reading a lot of thoughts regarding claps on Medium. …

Can you be more productive without one? Here’s the scoop.

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Not very often does something come along that fires up my spirits and makes me throw my fist in the air and yell “Yes,” but this article written by Yessie Bello Perez in the online Growth Quarters did. Perez came across a work by Nir Eyal, a behavioral design expert, who opened her eyes to the detriments of to-do lists.

Yessie Bello Perez is a very busy person who made to-do lists morning and night. She believed, as many of us do, that “to-do lists…would help me keep on track, manage my time, and be more productive,” and that “crossing…

Listen quietly and learn the wisdom in the wind.

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Wind pulled and tugged its way through the painted trees. Leaves laughed and giggled, whispering to each other of the freshness. Birds lifted slightly, wings spread, then fluttered down again. Wind moved on, uncertain as to what to do next.

During the night he listened as the creatures of the night did their work. Now he thought he knew. Before the sun began to rise the next morning, Wind roared out determined to make the leaves of color swirl and dance to his tune. He poured through the tree ripping and…

Three steps to keep you from being swallowed up.

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Once upon a time there was a trucking business. It was a small family-owned business. Though small, it had a large territory and drivers who had, over time, become part of the family. The drivers traveled far and wide covering western Canada and the western US. This family-run business took care of their employees and the loyalty and affection was genuine.

One day a large foreign trucking business visited the owner of the small trucking business. They had been watching the routes and decided it was something they should have. …

Rosie Moeller

Writer of stories, life experiences, and hope. Wearer of multiple hats to fully embrace this adventure called life.

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